I heard you on WDCB this week and I loved your song Wrinkles. It brought tears to my eyes. I bought the CD.
I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your songs at the income inequality conference ast weekend, beautiful, funny, and I was singing along. You are an amazing musician!
Fond memories working at the CO-ED Theatre on Green St. in Champaign/Urbana from 72-77 seeing REO Speed Wagons truck driving up and down the road and watching Kristen Lems perform at the local venues. Those WERE the days!
Kristin, I saw the news in the U. of I. alumni magazine that you were planning to go to Mongolia to teach master teachers, and I had to come here to congratulate you. I could never find the words to express how wonderful it is to hear your voice again. There is simply nothing like it. It's as though you have vocal cords in your heart. I'm listening to The First Five Minutes of Life right now -- amazing. I'll be inspired by it for a very, very long time. It's moving to read all the messages here about the lives you have changed.
Love your music
Dear Kristin, we are amazed how you actually had all kids enjoying (and controlled) during your musical performance - thank you - and the songs with the individual instruments were THE big hit. Please let me know if you can do something like this with older children. My daughter turns 10 and I would like to have you sing for her party. Andrea
Enjoyed your show in Boston very much and have added my name to your mailing list. Hope to see you back in the area very soon. I liked the one about the two buses that go on the same street, was it called Redline? Thanks, Kristin!
Janet and I looked you up on Google and found that you write songs in addidtion to being a doctor of reading! Oh joy! Maybe we can bring music into our reading program? See you on Wednesday, right? We look forward to speaking with you.
Your feminist anthems in the 1980's sustained me through that hard, sad, time when we couldn't pass the ERA.
Hi, Kristen!!! , It's me cindy( Cynthia Smith) from Champaign Illinois You were a teacher for The University of Illinois Upward Bound program and I was one of your students. I shared my poetry with you and my love of music you even convinced me to sing background on that first album Oh Mama!!! I still have very fond memories of you and that time. I would love to see you or just talk with you if you don't have time I am so happy to see that you continued to perform and have such a great following . I was sharing with a young lady about my past and how poetry and writing literally saved my life I have to thank you for that You even got my mother to come out and support me! (God rest her soul)Please send me an email hope to hear from you soon.
I was a 14 yo kid living in Urbana, and I vividly remember the National Women's Music Festival coming to town. I have to admit, I was very intimidated! Kristing, you may or may not be aware, but you have been in the back of my political conscience since that time. I've been involved in a few struggles in my day, and I am not terribly interested in activities that aren't centered around movements for social justice. Like you, I prefer those movements to include a lot of music! Thanks for everything you have done over the years, but in particular, thanks for that National Women's Music Festival. As a queer adolescent, it drove lesbian visibility and feminist thinking right to the forefront of my developing political sensibilities. Like I said, I was intimidated. But nowadays, that kind of grass roots visibility work (in the context of culture) is exactly what makes life good and engaging for me.
Hello I just heard your song at Labor Notes, the Living Wage song. Very good job! I will buy the CD for my local, and I know they will enjoy it.
kRISTIN, you asked me to put my thoughts into this guest book so I will do that for you. I told you that you made all the difference in my son Josh's life when he was feeling like he didn't belong any where. You gave him the gift of yourself, your music, your warmth. Now he plays the guitar and writes his own songs, but you are still his favorite artist of all time. Your music told him, there's a place for you in this world. And, the world is a beautiful place. Thank you for that! A greatful Mom
Kristin, I can't express in words how much it meant to me to have you play at my 85th birthday party. All of those wonderful songs from the days we marched and organized for the ERA. Whenever you were singing, I made my way to the front and center of the crowd so I could be near you. Did you ever notice that? Those songs mean more than ever to me. Thank you for the CD too. I play it every day. With love from Clara J.
Looking forward to seeing you tonight Kristin1
This is so wierd!! I was singing this song in my head the other day. I went to Elmwood Park grade school which was called Elm School at the time.We had an assembly with live music. Mammary glands was one of the songs. I loved the music and bought 2 records. The good old 45's in those days. I won't say what year. Your songs of peace and womens rights really inspired me. I went and did a search of "song mammary glands" and I couldn't believe it. Thank-you so much for inspiring me then and now!!!
I just bought Equality Road for two nieces - one of them is having a baby and she and are partner are doing "The First 5 minutes of life" just like your song. What a perfect song to have at a labor and delivery, Kristin. You were way ahead of your time!
I bought your Sharing tape and book for my grandchldren and gave them an early Xmas present - they will not take the tape out of the tape player. Sharing is a hit, at least with my family. Nice job Kristin.
Hi Kristi : We know all about your clan and you will know our book: genealogia Lemniana that Wil Lem and I have written. Benjamin Bueno in Sao Paulo Brazil told me again about you all and your activity in singing. Please say hello to your folks and let me know if there are mutations. Love to you. Ruud
I loved the concept on the dead mothers in Disney films. Don't forget their most successful television show of the 1950's: Zorro. did Don Diego even have a mother? Then, again, how many other films and television series have been dedicated to the "single father meets fish out of water," such as "Nanny and the Professor," "The Nanny," "Ridgemont," "Courtship of Eddie's Father (Both movie and tv show; a 'two-fer')," "Bachelor Father," "Family Affair" and so mnay others. In fairness, "The Doris Day Show," "The Lucy Show," and "Julia" did portray single moms, but not as realistic as could be. Maybe there is something Freudian about all of this. D'ya think?
I read your article about how moms are always dead on Disney movies at and noticed you missed a few, so here are all the ones i could think of Bambi Dumbo Snow White Cinderella finding nemo Pinocchio Sleeping Beauty Jungle Book Little Mermaid Aladdin Goofy Movie lion king sword in the stone Herbie The Wild Chicken Little Beauty and the Beast The Hunchback of Notre Dame Tarzan Lilo & Stitch Brother Bear The Fox and the Hound Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy
Hi Kristin, An old, old friend from Urbana checking in to say "hello". Glad you are still sharing your voice! Big hugs, Patrick
I read your article about disney death mothers, I was looking online for someone that have "noticed" that too and it took me to your page and I am happy find a nice woman like you, every time I find wonder womans I feel really lucky of being bad I don't live in the US
Kristin, I am so sorry I missed your concert at Peoples Voice Cafe. I just want you to know that I think of you often . . . I'm still playing your song "Chernobyl", one of my favorite songs Songs for Peace magazine. I hope you are well. I'm so glad to see you and Peggy are still working together. Please let me know when you are coming back to NY. I'm hoping to be in Chicago to visit my daughter in the near future. I'd love to get a chance connect, maybe get to hear you perform. Power to the Peaceful! -Sharleen ps: I'd love to send you my CD, "So Frail". Let me know if I can send it to you.
salam! This is Delaram. I really enjoyed your performance at purdue saturday night! I am the one who asked you lots of questions if you remember!!! I kept telling my family all about you!!! My mom went to jondi shapoor university in Ahwaz, so she was really sad not being able to meet you!!! Have a great day! Delaram
It's such fun to see such great things from an old friend from junior and senior high! You were always such a strong individual, even in the sea of peer pressure of teenhood. I love your music, Kristin. :-)
I met you twice in Algeria.The first meeting was in Constantine.Then our inspector general invited you to Jijel, my home town.I never forget your voice, so beautiful.Unfortunately we have none of your cds or k7.Now, when surfing on the net I remember one of your songs, I googled and found your web site.Wow what a pleasure!I hope I can get information on how to listen to your songs and try to teach some to my pupils.Go on doing well as you have always done.
HI, Just listened the first LP (bought on EBAY)- WOW what a talent what a voice. . Any chance for small tour in EUROPE?Greetings from CROATIA. Darko
A little late but enjoyed you on FFRF program Air America Radio. Also a great website /Raj/
I love your lyrics! Thank you for the inspiring songs.
MORE POWER TO YOU! We are forever beholden to women like you. I shared your song wtih all those who seem to be still living in the Dark Ages. Again thank you Kristin
Kristin--So enjoyed your show this past Saturday(11-3-07)in Evanston with artist Peggy Lipschutz! Your music is meaningful, vibrant, and delivered with your wonderful vocals, so like Judy Collins! Peggy is, of course, an amazing and talented woman, a real treasure. Together, the two of you make the world a much better place, and provide some hope that it can be that better place some day. Lilli
I was about 8 years old when your record "Oh, Mama" came into my hands in Le Mars, Iowa. (Maybe you performed at Westmar College there -- 1978 or so?) I memorized every word of every song and carried the spirit of your lyrics with me. Just tonight, nearly 30 years later, I finished a book about Native Americans, and some of your lyrics sprang to mind. I thought I'd do a Google search -- what a joy to find that you have a website! Now I can order more of your songs, and my own children can hear the sounds that stirred me so much when I was their age. Thank you!
Many years ago (mid 70's maybe), we sat around in a circle in my parents den and recorded you and some of the other women from the music festival, you met Tim V. I wish I still had the tapes, but the memory is special. Just happened on your site, glad to see you are still making music!
Kristin when you are in New York will you be singing at other places besides the People's Voice Cafe? We would like to come and hear you. Please put any other dates on your website as soon as possible.
Hi Kristin.I googled here and left my footprint.
I just read "Disney's Dead Mothers Club". I loved it! Thank you so much for expressing what I've been wanting to express for so many years. I have 2 daughters, 5 and 1, and needless to say I'm on the verge of banning all Disney movies from the house. I had similar hopes for the movie Pocohontas. When the father casually mentioned something about her dead mother I actually laughed out loud because then I realized that Disney was intentionally offing moms. Now we can add even more movies to the list(some may be Pixar or other studios); Finding Nemo, Monster's Inc., Ice Age, all the Barbie and Bratz movies(wicked step-moms but no biological moms). I am about to embark on a filmmaking career so I hope to change this. Thank your so much for finding the time to write this essay while, as I am sure, you are a busy mom. Best Wishes, Vittoria Mascari-Merry
I heard your interview on Freethought Radio (FFRF) the other day and decided to stop by and see what was here. I love your music and look forward to hearing this new 2-CD collection.
Thanks for sending me your new CD album "Equality Road." I will treasure it. So happy you did this. We would love to sell it in our online store. Please call me. In sisterhood, Ellie Smeal
Hi Kristin. I just read your essay : "Disney's Dead Mothers Club", nice work on a topic that plagues many a mother.
We really enjoyed your show at IUPUI in Indianapolis last week in spite of the bad weather, and brought home one of Peggy's drawings. We're looking forward to the new CD and hope to see you back in town next spring.
I appreciate your work for AAUP and educator's rights.
I saw on the GLNOW listserv earlier this year that you were doing an ERA project and that some of your earlier work would be available on CD. I emailed you then but I doubt such a famous person has time to respond but last week I wrote to the list asking who might know more and this time I found this website. Still the 1980s music, the cassette I bought in Springfield, IL at ERA rally in 1982, is among my top 5 but has long since melted in my car. I NEED this CD or music for my classes. THEY need to hear your voice to help them find yours. Can you help? I see you are coming to Cleveland in April, 2007. Any chance we could co-book you for Columbus around that same time? And would your daughter, Karima(?) (someone mentioned her on the list today), be able to join you in Ohio in April? Any songs for Equal Pay Day which will be right around your visit? Many thanks. I'm anxious to hear your voice again. Dr. Michel Coconis Columbus, OH
I love Kristin's music and think music can be such a powerful force for changing people's concisouness - especially through a smile and humor. Have had mammary glands on my ipod all fall. I think there's reason to believe music can still have an enormous impact and Kristin, and strong women like her, give me hope.
Hi Kristin, I remember you well from our days of working for ERA ratification. All Best, Gay Gavin
Great music. I'm a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation and first heard you on Dan Barker's CD's and later when they played your music during the podcast.
All my hearty HEART felt good wishes.Just as a refresher,we met @ AMMUSE summer before last. I'm leaving for Magnolia fest this eve. in Live Oak, Fla. I very much appreciate your e-mails and event happenings I will event-tually meet up with you again one of these days, soon I hope. Be Well! Monte
Ms. Lems, I heard your song "How Nice!" on FFRF and the words and melody have haunted me ever since. What a devastatingly beautiful song. Is it on any of your cds?
HI, i was just listening to my cd from the Broadside box set and after hearing your song i had to come check your web site. I am a volunteer for The Chicory House here in Wilkes-Barre PA. If you are ever coming this way i think we would love to put you on our schedule. I do not do the bookings but i can make recommendations. Peace.
am interested in your progress on Jane Addams musical--your name is mentioned at WILPF meetings here in springfield...
Loved your appearance on WHPK and have just signed up for your mailing list and ordered your CDs. You are awesome!!
Dear Kristin, I am so happy to see that you are still performing. You and Margie Adam were at many women's movement events I attended in the 70's and 80's, and I can still remember how you energized the people in attendance. Like your song, I am still "going in the out door" and "walking more determined"--and am thrilled to see that my favourite album is going to CD--most definitely looking forward to it. Thank you for everything you do, and for the many hours of joy and pleasure you have given me. Hope you can make it out here to Colorado soon, that would be fabulous!! Peace Teri
"It's Bin na Good Time" Hope you aren't floored at hearing from me!! Remember Champaign Il. And you singing I'm SLEEZEY!! Its me!! Would love to hear from you!! When are you coming to Houston Tx??
Hi Kristin, I am a record collector and found a near mint copy of your 1982 live Washington, D.C. album and I'm very excited about that. It is complete with lyrics page and photo sleeve. I am writing to you from THE feminist science fiction convention held in Madison, WI annually each Memorial Day weekend where my wife and I exhibit our artwork. Keep up the good work. And maybe someday we'll meet and I'll get my record personalized! Yours truly, Barrie Lynn Bryant
Hi Kristen, I heard Scott Simon being stupid on WESAT last weekend. I was surprised that he claimed to not be aware of you, having shared a community for so long. I sent him a suitably upbraiding email. Hopefully any publicity is good.
Great Music. When you're in Vancouver, you should come visit us on Vashon Island - an island just west of Seattle and just north of Tacoma. Many of us enjoy looking at life through other than standard myopic lenses of middle America. You could easily sell out the largest venue here. LOVE your music! I'll be ordering some CD's shortly. p.s. I lived in Chicago for 9 years before moving out here 16 years ago. I wish I had known about your music when I was there. My cousin & a few good friends still live in Evanston. I'll suggest that they attend one of your concerts. Best of Luck & Many Thanx, Rick Frye
Kristin -- Glad to see you are still at it!! "We will never give up, we will never give in..." Hope to see you sometime. When I heard a bit of "Mammary Glands" on NPR this AM (5/13/06), I had to comment. Here's what I sent to Scott Simon: Dear Mr. Simon -- Hearing "Mammary Glands" today on your show brought back many memories. Jim Nayder was right -- Kristin Lems is a gifted folksinger/songwriter -- now living in Evanston, IL. Moreover, she was an important part of the women's movement in Illinois in the 1970s & 1980s, and without Krisin Lems (and Resa Dudovitz, another Chicagoan, who passed away a few years ago) there would not have been the first women's music festival on the campus of U of I in Champaign-Urbana in 1975. Kristin wrote the "Ballad of the ERA" -- and performed it at large rallies in the state capital. She also wrote "Women Walk More Determined" -- and we did! "Mammary Glands" are just that: nothing that should define women. Kristin made it clear we are all so much more! Her music captured the spirit of the times. So, thanks to Jim Nayder for acknowledging Kristin's work -- I hope you'll listen to more of Kristin Lems sometime. Still listening after all these years, Nan DiBello
So glad to see that you're still singing! I am as well. Please see our endeavor at We don't have a guestbook per se, but would be great to hear from you!
Hello, Kris. Remember me? We seem to cross paths every decade or so, ever since our friendship began at ETHS. Happened to see an ad about your coming to Cleveland on March 24. I'm sorry that I won't be in town at that time. Otherwise, I would make it a point to come and see you perform again. Hope that you are happy. Craig
nice site! I like your song epops from sweden
Glad you're doing well. We flirted while at National Louis. I'm a professor near Dallas, Texas, still single, happier than ever before, teaching film, management, and psychology. If you're ever in Texas, please let me know. Howard
We can't wait to have the ERA album out on CD!!! When will it be available for purchase? I grew up on those songs and I have been trying to locate them for a long time. Finally I'm going to get them. Thank you for then, and now.
met you in Uof I days,at mckinley.I still go" in the out door" and am currently blowing minds around Houston.Would love it if you came down to this area.Have dairy goats and those mammary glands gotta be emptied with annoying regularity.frohliche weinachten!!
some years ago I heard one of your songs on the midnight special about the struggles of a single mother. What was it and is it available on CD?
Thanks: For what you've done, what you're doing, and what is sure to come. Madison, Wi
Bellissima, My kingdom for your smile! When is the next album coming out? Would love to attend Carols'concert in Feb. My word! Performing again w/ the same orchestra some 60 odd years later. What an amazing feast it's gonna be. Daniel (Barenboim) should pencil the date on his agenda. Take care. Affectionately. Abu Ness
I haven't been to your website recently (until today). I'm always impressed and amazed by what I find there! An 81 year-old woman who still can particpate in difficult concert music! The Ethical Humanist Society - are you a member? I don't believe we have such a great organization here in KC - my UU Church is he closest I've found. Singing in Persian (Farsi?). I never noticed that before in your bio - where did you learn to do that? Good luck to one of my favorite people I don't believe I've ever had the privilege to meet.
So many wonderful songs - I especially like the inspiring Die Gedanken Sind Frei and An Acorn is Not a Tree (if I have the title right). Hope to hear them again soon.
Hi, I heard you in the '60s in Champaign-Urbana, Bloomington-Normal and other places in the Midwest where I grew up. What you wrote and sang was truly powerful and has stayed with me. Thanks so much. Right now I'm hearing in my head the song you wrote in tribute to Rosa Parks. I also remember Terry Cosgrove and Tim Veer, two men who were good at showing other men that they had nothing to fear from feminism. At 56 years old, I'm still an activist who lives in Seattle. Just yesterday I joined 1,000 high school students who walked out of class to protest military recruiters' presence on campus and to end the war in Iraq. It was great! In solidarity, Chris Smith
Glad to find your still at it. It's been a long time. Peace.
Dear Kristin, I finally got to the site------it's great. I learned a few things about you I didn't know. For a guy who doesn't have any musical background I'm making a little progress. And it was wonderful visiting last weekend and listening to your music. Congrats on the "Laurie" gig----- Warmly and Hugs, Sheldon ***Go Sox!!!
Hi Kristen-- Been thinking of you! Give me a call at 847-676-3974. Warmly--Sonia
Kristin,your showcase at the LACONI Harvest of Resources last week was fabulous!! I was moved to tears by the Sacajawea song, and moved to laughter by the last one (I didn't catch the name). The Once and Future Woman should be a big hit at area libraries, especially with your Jane Adams connection. Best of luck to you!
Kristin, So good to hear from you. Your site is wonderful. Thanks for the kind words.
Hi Kristen!... I'm from Brazil, Lemes family from Martim Lems of Bruges. I should like to know the from where the name lems cames from. What is the significate in Dutch. Thanks Kisses from Brasil Gilberto
Kristen, thanks for a wonderful concert at York HS last week. Your hope for the future and your "heart" showed as brightly as did your musical talent, lyrics and virtuosity. Students had thoughtful discussions on peace, roles in society and woman's rights because of your inspiration. We hope to have you back in the future. Thanks again. Mike Torney
Hi, I dropped by looking for the lyrics to some of your older songs, such as I heard down at the Virginia State NOW Conference at Randolph-Macon College in June, 1982. You remember, ones such as "My Mom's A Feminist" and "I AM Asking Everything You Have To Give." I know that we have all grown beyond those days, but I have occasional reaason to recall them, even happily. Your concerts count among the happy memories. Hugh
Kristin! I love you Web-site! It's fabulous! We use to work @ National-Louis University downtown on Michigan Ave. You were teaching an ESL class and I was an evening receptionist. Well, that was a long time ago and now I'm a registered nurse. I have thought about you and your children often and now I've finally found you! We have got to get together soon, so call me:773-538-5899 so we can catch up, Love, karen d davis
We have thoroughly enjoyed your performances at La Baraka and intend to come often and bring our friends. Your wide range of material and fine musicianship make for a great time. We love the Joni Mitchell, S&G, Steve Goodman, and Fred Holstein songs. and thank you for taking our requests. See you next Saturday.
Your new web site is nice though the images can be a bit more sharper. Still enjoying your music. Do keep creating new songs(Any new albums?). Hope to see one your performance live some day. Devnesh & Sharmila
Come back to Cleveland! You were awesome!
way to go!....all the way back to 1978, still stirring things up, inspiring and delighting audiences along the way. Still happy to be a fan regardless of the distance.
Kristen, Lovely new website. Note my new email address. Hope to get to LaBaraka soon! Love, Anita
Greetings, Kristin! Your new website is wonderful and indeed, easy and interesting for the navigator. sure wish I was in earshot of your local concerts.'s good to just know you're still out there doing great work with your many MANY gifts. Thanks too for your great holiday card. With love, Libby ("Bobbiesdaughter")
You have the talent of every woman who experienced the 1960's! We are so pleased to be your 'groupies,' even at our ages! Please keep writing and performing your meaningful music and lyics. They are always a delight. Many thanks for giving of yourself! Linda & Alan Weintraub
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